Beauty propaganda (like this, this, and this) targeted at consumers often creates a  false ideal that can negatively impact our self-esteem. The effects of inauthentic marketing behavior are particularly strong on  adolescents, as they are still developing their self-concepts.

Get Real is a campaign that empowers female consumers, specifically teenagers,  to revolt against mass media that creates and upholds insecurity for profit.

A demand for more representation from brands will empower consumers to make conscious decisions in the face of messaging that treats their insecurity like a commodity, and can help mitigate low self-esteem and eating disorders within the youth.

Scope: Creative direction and design
OOH, Social Design, Print, Digital


Each poster works both individually and as part of a unified succession. They depend on alluring headlines and/or strong pops of color to attract a distant and casual eye.

Subway Prints

Posters will be displayed in the NYC subway as millions of young people take the train to school daily.

Wild Postings

Get Real wild postings will be displayed near high schools and saturated shopping neighborhoods, such as SOHO and Downtown Brooklyn.

Instagram Page

With the youth's avid use of social media, it is crucial to reach them digitally. The Get Real Instagram is for viewers to join the conversation, share their experiences, and strengthen the Get Real voice.


Get Real stickers is a form of consumer protest. They give the chance for people to scribble down their thoughts to slap on adverts.


Mood Board

Collage, black-and-white, repetition, handwriting,
and a limited accent color inspired me.


A serif font did not uphold the message as well a sans serif font. The condensed font is bolder and more confident in its stature, more suited for the campaign's headlines.

Logo Sketches

Logo Iterations 

To emphasize "REAL", created contrast in stroke weight, scale, and color.

Concept sketches for billboard
and posters


This project is the most passionate of my passion projects. Get Real serves as an outlet to vomit all of my sentiments, experiences, and critiques on media concerning beauty and consumer representation. 

Design-wise, it is a fresh deviant from more cut-and-clean commercial work I design. I was able to marry my interests in collage and grunge design. I also played with typography more and how to manipulate it in alternative ways to tell a story—not only in content  but in the shape and form of the type.



Don’t be shy, you can take a peek.


Maha Almatari︎